A Fairytale Wedding at Plantation Bay!: Lexi & Tyler

A Fairytale Wedding at Plantation Bay!: Lexi & Tyler

Lexi and Tyler's love story culminated in a magical wedding celebration at the stunning Plantation Bay in Ormond Beach, Florida. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and pure romance, perfectly captured against the backdrop of this picturesque venue.

A Dreamy Setting

Plantation Bay provided the ideal setting for Lexi and Tyler's vision. Lush greenery, a sparkling lake, and the elegant clubhouse created a fairytale atmosphere. The ceremony itself was held outdoors, with the glistening water creating a breathtaking backdrop as Lexi walked down the aisle towards her forever love. Family and friends filled the space, their faces beaming with happiness for the radiant couple.

Memories in Motion

Adding a touch of whimsy, the bride and groom hopped on a couple of golf carts to explore Plantation Bay's hidden gems! This unique transportation allowed for some truly special photos in unexpected nooks and crannies of the venue. From the historic tree to the charming bridges, each location provided a picture-perfect backdrop for capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Love Takes the Floor

As the sun began to set, the celebration shifted indoors for the reception. The clubhouse transformed into a dazzling space, filled with candlelights, laughter and music. Before a heartwarming toast by their best man and maid of honor, Lexi and Tyler took to the dance floor, their first steps as husband and wife filled with pure joy. The night continued with energetic dancing, heartfelt conversations, and a delicious meal that left everyone feeling happy and satisfied.

A Sparkling Farewell

As the night drew to a close, guests lined up on either side of the walkway, holding sparkling sparklers that illuminated the path ahead. As Lexi and Tyler walked through this tunnel of light, the cheers and well wishes of their loved ones showered them. It was a truly magical send-off for a couple embarking on their happily ever after.

Congratulations, Lexi and Tyler! Your wedding was a beautiful reflection of your love story, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Wedding Vendors recommended by the bride and groom:

Photographer - Angie Scott Photography www.angiescott.photography

Venue - Plantation Bay Golf Resort in Ormond Beach Florida

Florist - Floral Luxe by RKD Weddings (all you diy brides - check them out!!)

DJ - DJ Bob from Pyramid Disc Jockeys. THE BEST!!!

Harp - Melody Long Anglin

Hair/Makeup - Gabby Donofrioaragraph

When asked what was their most favorite part of their wedding day, Tyler and Lexi responded with, "The reception! It was definitely a party and we loved getting to dance and just have fun with all of our family and friends. We are so blessed that so many people came (both near and far) and we often look back on the photos and videos that our photographer sent us from that night ." 

Encouragement for Couples Currently Planning their Wedding

Thoughts from the Bride and Groom

Tyler and Lexi say, "It is only about you and your future spouse - do what you want, have fun at your reception and spend as much time together as possible that night - you only get to live it once!!"